Behavioral Health and Counseling

Behavioral health services are central to the All Season mission. All Seasons behavioral health began as a small group of counselors, but has since grown to include CBRS and Peer Support Services. This compassionate team provides customized, comprehensive treatment plans, utilizing the most current medical treatments along side leading psycho-therapy approaches. In addition, we extend our treatment into the community through supportive services such as case management, behavior modification, and other social supports. As the Treasure Valley’s only mental health clinic that is also a Healthy Connections provider, we collaborate and make all necessary referrals with outside specialists, in any field.


Our clinical staff of counselors is here to help you with a wide variety of behavioral health experiences and issues. They are highly trained and well versed in the treatment of a number of issues including depression, PTSD, generalized stress and anxiety, divorce, family and marriage, and many other areas. With over 50 years combined experience in addressing emotional and psychological well-being, we offer a range of treatment options. In a sincere effort to remain accessible to our community, All Seasons Mental Health has counselors fluent in a number of languages as well as interpreters that are trained to conduct therapy sessions while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)

CBRS assists people to develop appropriate skills for living independently and maintaining a healthy life. This behavioral health program is an individualized, community based service for adults and children with behavioral or emotional issues. Our CBRS staff is trained to utilize a multitude of support approaches. This allows them to effectively and efficiently support participants with developing skills to manage their symptoms and succeed in all areas of their lives.

The CBRS staff receives training and certifications that empower them to assist participants with successfully graduating from CBRS and integrating independently into the community. Staff certifications range from USPRA certification to Licensed Social Workers and Counselors.

Peer Support Services

Our Peer Support Services program is tailored to each adult client with behavioral or emotional issues. This staff is trained to utilize a wide variety of skills and approaches to support participants on their journey to behavioral health recovery. Peer support specialists act as an effective facilitator, teacher and coach for participants helping them meet their recovery goals, linking them to valuable resources, acting as a support system, role model, and providing hope. The Peer Support Services Program is a home, and community-based, program designed to assist clients with creating and maintaining an independent, healthy life.

Our Therapy Team
  • David Buch, LCSW
  • Heather Hieb, LPC, NCC, RPT
  • Elizabeth Jeronimo-Mejia, LCSW
  • Joseph Morisette, LCPC
  • Ladette Ruplinger, LPC
  • Rachael Austin, LMSW
  • Jerry Nabarrette-Stuart, LMSW
  • Bret Callinan, LCSW
Medical Providers
  • Aubrey Salmond, FNP
  • Andrea Thueson, MA
  • Adrian Avila, CNP
  • Cory Dan, MA
  • Shauna Rankin, FNP-BC, MSW
  • Benilda Duren, MA