Lydia Blackwell, LMSWLydia Blackwell

Whether you are facing a bump in the road or a boulder in the path, I look forward to hearing your story and speaking to you with compassion, empathy, and care as we explore ways to increase your satisfaction with your journey and evolution. This adventure of life can bring some unexpected twists and turns that can get overwhelming to navigate on our own and it is with no shame that we reach out to others to walk alongside us during hard and confusing times. 

As a licensed therapist with a strong background in trauma work, talk therapy, play therapy, and art therapy I am able to be flexible in meeting you where you are and tailoring my services to best serve you. I work with adults, adolescents, families, and children with a humanistic, culturally sensitive, and intersectional lens and am currently accepting new clients. I look forward to meeting you and taking a look at what it is we can accomplish in our work together. 

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Dave Buch, LCSWDave Buch

Dave is a clinical social worker specializing in the areas of trauma, gay issues, and relationship issues. He works with individuals, couples, and families addressing many areas, including PTSD, traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. He is a trained EMDR therapist and uses this technique to address trauma, along with EFT and talk therapy. 

First used to treat PTSD, EMDR has been proven in clinical trials to help in recovery from trauma with a variety of causes. Dave’s client base includes all ages; many are teenagers. His office is a safe and comfortable environment where you will be supported and treated with respect. He accepts most insurance and provide a sliding scale fee. Dave sees clients in conveniently located offices in Boise and Nampa.

  • Undergraduate degree at Indiana University
  • Graduate degree at Northwest Nazarene University
  • Background in Special Education and Art Education
  • Certified trauma informed
  • EMDR Therapist
  • Experience working with children, families, couples, and LGBT individuals
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Staci Cooper, LCPCStaci C

Staci graduated with her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in 2002. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, an EMDR Therapist, a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor, an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, and a Certified Crystal Healer. Her formal training has focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Experiential Reality Therapy, Adlerian Psychology, EMDR, and numerous forms of energy work. 

She utilizes an integrative approach focusing on empowerment of each individual within their unique social systems to create change in many areas of life. She has experience working in a clinical setting, as well as in the community, with a broad range of client needs, from managing daily persistent and severe mental health symptoms to personal growth and spiritual exploration. Staci has been with All Seasons since April 2004.  She is inspired everyday by the transformation she sees in the amazing people who walk through her door.  She currently works in both the Boise and Nampa offices and will work with individuals (ages 6 and up), couples, and families.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Bipolar and Depressive Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • LGBTQIA Issues
  • Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders
  • Substance Use/Dual Diagnosis
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Pat Davis, LCSWAll Seasons Counselor Pat Davis

Pat Davis, LCSW earned hers master’s degree in social work from the Jane Addams College of Social Work at The University of Illinois Chicago. She has provided clinical services in community and psychiatric hospitals, outpatient mental health centers, community agencies and employee assistance programs. Pat works with individual clients, couples and families and has training in substance use disorders.

She provides assessment and therapy for individuals struggling with mood disorders, adjustment disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma, relationship issues, grief and loss and work related problems. Pat is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and can conduct evaluations for individuals with a Department of Transportation (DOT) violation under 49 CFR Part 40.

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Jonathan D. Hite, MA, LPC, NCC

In my practice, I have provided addiction and mental health counseling services to highly diverse clientele, including services for concerns ranging from situational difficulties to chronic mental health. In my time as a counselor, I’ve developed experience in working with: substance use disorders, dual diagnosis, anger management, co-dependence, grief, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, domestic abuse, bullying, self-esteem, communication, and impulsivity. 

I have specialized experience and training to support care for trauma. I have advanced education in the health science of addiction treatment. I see myself as the agent of my client, and center my support on my client’s goals. I will be accountable to you. I will support you without judgment. I will confront and challenge you respectfully and kindly in order to promote growth and strength.

My treatment modalities in include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Adaptive Information Processing through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (AIP/ EMDR), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Adlerian development of adaptive connected purposeful living. The theory behind my work is focused on understanding the interconnectedness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while working to develop understanding of beliefs and values on which behaviors are centered. This foundation of self-understanding supports change and motivation for growth. Within everything I do is a central goal of helping my clients to live fuller and happier lives through insight, growth, and connection to others. I work to ground my interventions in evidenced-based practice as well as theory. I have clinical experience with adolescents and adults. My practice welcomes all faiths, all ethnicities, and is LGBTQIA safe.

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Jordan Looze, LCPC Jordan Looze

Jordan graduated with his master’s degree in Counseling from Boise State University in 2013. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose formal training focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and who utilizes an integrative approach to counseling to promote health and healing. He utilizes a variety of counseling modalities, including EMDR, to work with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, mood disorders, ADHD, and relationship issues. 

He believes in taking a practical, strengths-based approach to the issues and concerns clients wish to address, where clients are heard and validated, and are be able to utilize the strengths and abilities they possess to overcome their obstacles. His goal as a counselor is to help clients realize the life they have envisioned for themselves.

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Joel Nielson, LPC

On a flight in 2011, Joel became acquainted with the lady next to him. After she mentioning a relationship struggle he could relate with, he asked if he could share a perspective he was given that really launched him forward. She agreed. The conversation was raw, fun, and liberating. In a few short minutes this lady exhaled and relaxed and a peaceful Mona Lisa grin lingered. She found peace with an issue she had been carrying for years! “It’s like you’re my counselor!” she whispered privately with surprise.

Joel knew then he needed change careers. So he did. Let’s be real. This lady’s whole issue didn’t evaporate. But it did in part, and she knew what action to take next. You too can overcome whatever is disrupting your peace and relationships. Is it time? Joel is willing to help. He is a trauma-informed (EMDR) licensed professional counselor who specializes in anxiety, depression, grief/trauma, and addiction. He assists youth, adults, and couples and families adjust to negative emotions, ADHD and substance and pornography abuse. His practice looks beyond symptom management to understand and increase informed response to the roots and systems that perpetuate the issue. He will help you discover and live according to your strengths, accept your limitations and tap the power already in you to create the life you want. He enjoys rock climbing, skateboarding, anything pesto, is a yoga newbie, and being with his family.

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Ladette Ruplinger, LPCLadette Mental Health Counselor

Ladette Ruplinger has and eclectic approach to therapy that utilizes high energy and strategic approaches. She is driven to help individuals reach their highest potential through symptom management and better life choices. Ladette specializes in trauma and uses EMDR and TFCBT to help with trauma navigation. She has past professional and personal experience in developmental delays in children and adult populations to include mood dysregulation and motor challenges. She also facilitates support groups for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Rheanon Smith, LCPCRhiannon B

Rheanon specializes in a little bit of everything with specific experience with EMDR and trauma work. She has lots of personal life experience and professional experience that result in a well-rounded, non-judging individual, who probably hasn’t heard it all, but seems close. She feels any problem can be solved with a team approach and an open attitude. 

Rheanon has a personal focus on healthy living including diet, exercise, spirituality, and education.  The thing she loves most about this job is the people! She loves listening to peoples’ life stories and being a part of change in people who think change wasn’t possible.

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